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This is me

Hi! I am Dana Pulver, Dresstelling creator. I started Dresstelling, because I  believe people should hold onto what is printed on their T-shirts. I wanted to create T-shirt and dresses that combine the Jewish and the global cultures. And that's because both of them are part of my self-identification. The glue between the two can be: free association, philosophical insight, and of course humor. 

Dresstelling describes a lot feminine experience: her-story of the matters. The dialogue with Jewish sources add biblical atmosphere to some of the Dresstelling products. 

Almost every creation of Dresstelling is unrepeated - they are produced one of a kind for a few sizes.  Most chances - with Dresstelling you will stay unique!..


What is your Dresstory?..

Collegues & friends

Thanks to all the people who helped and are helping with the production of Dresstelling:


Seamstress and designer - Elena Donets

Print - Tee Time with Alon Kriger

Photography for catalogue - Gilya Ben-Gad

Photography from the field - Reut Golinski

Editing - Tizhak Pulver

Modelling - Tizhak Pulver, Yehuda Pulver, Karmi Ben-Gad, Shoham Cohen, Aviv, Ayala Hezi

Makeup - Tamar Dehan

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